Thursday, February 26, 2009

For Ema [ver 2]

pink fleshy lungs expanding with each
new breath, contracting with each visible exhalation
into the smoke filled atmosphere from ten thousand
years ago and from thousand other lungs
being born again
in ten thousand mighty pines

each log in the fire
burning for comfort or for laughs or for love
must split and crack
a persistent percussion playing off the pines
flames bringing warmth and sound to the
cold quiet forest


towering furrowed pines
rough bark expanding with age
with grace and power
creating little pockets
little seams for winter's snow to settle
before falling into fire's flickering light
to make a ritual
a spectacle of dancing crystal

hanging clouds stretch out for miles blanketing
the earth and blanketing you
and your eyes upturned searching for heaven
the dark stares back

a sliver, a crease
they open up the way you have
exposing the universe
exposing your universe
bare and powerful
full of creation

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