Monday, February 23, 2009

Dream Journal 3

emily brostrom was suddenly back in my life. i was in a small dorm room with 2 other roommates and we were the typical 'nerd' room. for some reason there was going to be a big party in our room so everyone started to get ready.

i continued you lie in bed and pulled the blankets over my face and pretended to be asleep. emily walked in the room and i think she knew i was faking. she laid down in the bed next to me and i turned on my stomach and buried my face in the pillow. she laid across my back and we talked about catching up.

she said that i should turn around and face her when we talk so i did and she laid on the side of me the way a couple would. i dont remember what we talked about but i think she kissed my neck.

later i am talking with my roommate about how weird it is and how i dont get her. jackson and i leave to go to a movie which is nearly sold out. we have to sit in seats that are way off the side and we have a very skewed view of the screen. i think we are watching Milk. i jokingly say we should save a seat for emily but i think i am serious.

that's all i remember

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