Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dream Journal 1

i was lost on my bicycle trying to find my way home

some woman on a balcony had her cat stolen
she was being blackmailed and looked over the balcony and jumped
to save her cat

me and you were in the backseat of two teenagers who called the building
when the police all arrived, one of them had the keys to the building
after the cops went in they called and said that Bob Hart was the one who made her jump
this was a lie and Bob Hart was your estranged dad
i yelled at the end of the message that it was a lie
and we choked the two punks from behind until they passed out

we walked around for a while and now we were shirtless, some strange man i thought
was Bob Hart we ran into who was also shirtless, we talked
the two teen punks came out of the woodwork and the man
slit their throats while they just stood still
it was intense and unexpected, like maybe we had done the wrong thing
we started to walk back to Bob's house and the man scratched my back
like my grandfather would

we get there and it is deserted so we look around
the man tells us a story about how stubborn Bob Hart is
how he let a black poisonous frog get all over hes leg one time
and he got sick and bloody from it and couldnt
go to church with you
you were with me then, viewing the memory
you loved the dress you had on in the past

after this we left in fear of being on the wrong side of Bob Hart
and the 3 murders that had taken place, we say were going to my house
but we go to yours to trick them

we end up going to a friends house but we forget it is halloween
and everyone else is dressed up as terrifying monks
you say 'holy shit, we forgot' and the friends mother gets mad
or rather i think she gets mad at us for being vulgar
so we run away to my house

we run through the snow and you have bare legs and feet in flip flops
so i arch my back and stick my arms out and you jump on
and i carry you through the snow and up the hill
i slip and you fall but you laugh
the fall has exposed your stomach and now you have dark skin
i pull you up by grabbing your hand

i wake up

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