Saturday, February 26, 2011

dream journal

i am outside a low but wide and looming glass building that has been put on a sort of lockdown. i remember playing a physical sport something like soccer in the plaza in front of it in hopes that it would open up. i dont remember the exact mechanics of this but it eventually does open. once i am inside i look around and it's deserted minus some rubble and loose fires burning out.

some sort of creature that i don't know starts to come towards me, i remember each one having several different forms. one of them is something like a crustacean in a large black shell and its covered with a dark tar substance. another is a something that would be a smaller version of the lochness monster. i start to shoot at these things but they are coming i nlarger an dlarger numbers and i can't keep them back.

they push me back outside the building and into a corner of the plaza before they finally stop coming. none of them ever get close enough to touch me or harm me in any way.

i wake up from this and i am asleep on a large wooden stump in my grandparents yard. it's a really warm night in the summer. the moon is very full and bright and i am hiding my face under sheets so that i can sleep. i have headphones on and i am listening to something but i start to worry that i can't hear any nature that is around me. i get worried that some animal is lurking up on me. i take off my headphones and grab the sheets and stumble awkwardly towards the house nearby. i am in a hurry and i feel dizzy so i keep falling over. at the front door a large bear stands there waiting for me.