Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dream Journal 6

i have decided to move in with jackson and go to an art school with him. except jackson is played by joe delgehausen in my dream. arty funkhouser is his dad, and some attractive older woman is playing the role of jacksons/joes mom.

when i first am going to school i have a hard time finding the right bus. i need to be a\on bus route 6. eventually i find it and get on, paul is on the bus and goes to school there too which is exciting. i sit nexzt to him on the bus after he moves a bunch of his stfuff out of the way. the bus driver i dont really trust but it may have been because he was black and homeless looking. well i trusted him, he just had me feeling uneasy. he was very blunt.

when we get to school we go to our english classroom that is taught by andy meyer. we start to rearrange desks so that i can sit near paul. some girl asks if i am british for some reason and i say no. we end up sitting near her, she is short and round with pudgy features and the qualities of a girl who loves english class when no one else does. sorry anyone who loves english class and is in great shape.

as class begins i get a super runny nose and a cough. andy meyer says something to paul about good job for getting me here, but that he doesnt think i really belong. as if i wont be writing well enough about the prompts. as class is going my nose starts running worse and worse and im wiping it with my sleeve. i go to take a drink of water but there are little swirls of brown specks in my bottle which apparently got in through my desk. like the contamination jumped from desk to bottle. the same thing happens to the girl behind me who asked if i was from britain. i go home.

when i get home i am talking with jacksons mom and dad who are also josephs mom and dad at the same time. i go back and forth in my mind about whose parents they are over the course of the dream. as we are talking about school, jacksons mom lays on her belly and faces me, her low shirt exposing a lot of cleavage. i try my best to keep eye contact with her or look at other things. jacksons dad points out that they have a trumpet and a saxaphone there and if i play i should go for it. i say i used to play but not anymore, afterall the trumpet doesnt have any, any, uhh

here i make a hand motion as if playing a trumpet

"plungers" says jacksons as he walks through the door. im glad he is there so we can leave the awkward situation. we go to buy some food from a stand like were at a sporting event at a stadium. on the way there i bring up his mothers seductive attitude and how it puts me in a weird position. also i suddenly have a video of her on my cell phone doing a sexual grind dance in their backyard. jackson says its fine and laughs it off and to not worry about. its very comforting

now we go back to the house and i begin working on our first assignment. i have to relate the events in the first chapter of a book to my life somehow. all i can do at first is make a short list of things that correspond. i cant remember what they are now. i think this part of the dream ends with me staring at it, fearing having to do more.

there was another part to my dream that was a lot weirder. it involved a giant slug being hunted down by me like moby dick in the ocean. and then it froze and we were on ice and foot. then i got frustrated and changed the scale of both of us so i was normal sized and the slug was the size of a cat. i shot a harpoon at it but i think it missed and it got away. i also think the setting changed from the wide open seas to the guest room in my house before my brother moved in there. this is a short version because i remember way less details or timeline. and it isnt very interesting.

i woke up

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Anonymous said...

i love english class and am steadily getting pudgier; you have imposed a self-fulfilling prophecy onto me.