Friday, February 27, 2009

Dream Journal 5

i am an altar boy for some man's wedding. someone religious that i know like maybe james hersch. i am up there at the front with him, the soon to be wife, preacher, and his son but it isnt jon. we are standing on what seems to be a water bed like surface. we are going through practice rehearsals inside when we notice it is raining super hard outside. as we keep looking out the window it gets worse and worse until we stop rehearsing. then the waves start crashing against the window and the building begins to move. our feet lose grip on the water bed surface and we are slamming into walls. eventually the entire building detaches and we are floating away, the house spinning and flipping.

i wake up, it has only been a dream. i want to call whitney to tell her that in my dream, my last thought was of her. i get out of bed and notice my underpants are damp and that i have a pizza box on around them. i am not sure if i was sweating a lot or of i pissed myself from the terror of almost dying. i stumble to a bathroom and my eyes dont work right and are unfocused. im walking like im drunk, eventually finding the bathroom. i take off the pizza box and use the bathroom. i go and get changed and head to the wedding rehearsal. before i get there i stop in a living room and start to talk with my cousin about some promo cd he is selling of his for 5 dollars. he plays me a song that is alright and i look at the cd. i think he does a Panda Bear cover but my eyes arent working right yet and it really says Robert Bear, a bearded classic rock guitarist from the 70s. i am much less impressed. i eventually leave.

when i get there and take my place at the front james asks me to go and sit with my family and i do not belong up there. so i do and he asks if i have been blessed yet as i leave and i say no i have not. when i sit down next to my mom i take a bottle out of my jacket pocket and pour some in my hand, it steams and hisses, and i rub it on my face and pour it on my head. i decide i cant stay at the wedding so i go to leave and get on an elevator out of the building.

next i am in a prison with an orange jumpsuit on. i am there because i used the elevator which turned out to be illegal for a reason i cant remember. i also realize that i am on a mission to kill a boy but cant remember who ordered me to. as i am sitting in prison Paul comes and visits me and talks about what i will do now and i say im just happy sitting in prison and biding my time until i get out and can hunt that boy down. somehow i lose this train of thought as paul leaves and i walk out the front door with him, no one stops him.

we start to run once we get a little ways away from the building but paul is a lot faster than me and pulls away easily. for some reason i have a life preserver around my neck that is huge and heavy and slows me down but i am too afraid to take it off and leave it on the ground since it would provide a trail of evidence for anyone chasing us. i catch up to paul as we are walking through a greek row of some college campus and all the buildings are huge and church like. beautiful teens are everywhere playing games. paul remarks that someones girlfriend's mom is over there and she is really hot.

we get into another elevator at some point and start to go down in it. other people come in and as it reaches each floor this girl asks if we can hold the door for a few minutes as she uses the bathroom. the asian girl next to me is upset by this but doesn't say anything. paul and i get off at this floor anyways and start to use the staircase. as we are walking down (i am now in street clothes) i can hear a disembodied voice speaking a review of an album paul and i have made and it is like the review for wolf parade. we both have our own personal styles but they blend well.

as we exist the door at the bottom of the stairs paul is now my older friend kyle janssen and as we are running through the campus at night, i notice a lost cell phone. i stop to pick it up just in case. as we continue running we come upon a group of cops arresting some kid. they ask for his license and i am afraid they will ask for mine and realize who i am. i walk up to an officer and tell him about the lost cell phone, he takes it and i thank him. he doesn't suspect i escaped prison. i start to run to catch up with kyle and accidentally bump another cop as i run past, i apologize but he thinks nothing of it.

i escape.

i wake up.

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