Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dream Journal 2

ema was secretly in love with me and she walked towards me dressed only in bed sheet. i could see her feet, ankles, legs, one shoulder, and her face. we just stared at each other for a long time and i think i turned her away despite my primal urges.

another dream i was in a room, i guess one of my classes for college. the class was over at 9:10 pm and my professor stayed with me after everyone had gone. i was waiting to catch a train to Pennsylvania but it didn't come for a few more hours. so we sat and talked and i put on the album The Crane Wife by The Decemberists. I think my professor was Thomas Sullivan or Tom Waits or someone older like that whom could be a grandfather figure in my life. he liked the album. while watching the clock mine was an hour ahead. paul called and i forget about what but i told him i would be home in 5 hours

while waiting i got a phone call from the abortion clinic that i had missed my scheduled meeting with them today for three abortions. i dont remember why i made the appointments, maybe for someone else since i was a man in the dream. maybe 3 other people or maybe for triplets, i forget.

i start to tell the man about a stupid television commercial i had seen where there is a lion on some raft floating down the river. the commercial was for a car and it was something like 'scare tactics' or 'scarily intimidating'. i dont know how it connected

then all of a sudden i am in the dream and i am swimming in the river. the lion hops off the raft and starts to chase me down. the old man and another man, maybe my dad, are with me now. they all swim ahead and the lion catches me and drags me out of the water with its teeth.

at some point in a dream i took a key off a dead man and opened a safe in his room. there was an alarm clock on top of the safe, and when i opened the safe i could see all the wires that powered the clock.

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