Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dream Journal 4

we are on a class field trip on a bus and stop at some building that is kind of like those team building activity exercise places. we all sit down in a circle and start listening to some live bands that are there. animal collective is there but they are all teenagers and noah lennox is a girl.

as they are playing the ahola twins walk through the show with their headphones on and loudly ask questions to one another about when something will arrive. i call them cunts and tell them to shut up but they dont hear me. they walk into a back room.

after the show is over and we go to leave we can't find the ahola twins. we go into the back room and it has been completely abandoned and i guess there use to be a drug factory of sorts in there just hours before. one of the teachers starts climbing through the heading ducts to find evidence of this but then the heat mysteriously turns on while he is in there. he scurries back to the hole in the pipes and falls down, on fire, on top of me.i hit him with my jacket to put out the flames. someone pours water over him.

later i am at dinner with whitney. we are at a really upscale place. she is telling me that i am too vulgar when i talk about other peoples relationships, that i shouldnt say they have sex or are getting some. she says i should say they go to bed together. after some resistance i agree to what she says. the check comes and it is a lot more than we expected for food neither of us really liked. we only come up with 150 of the 180 dollars that are due. whitney goes to take care of it

i wake up

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