Sunday, October 7, 2007

What I Didn't Need to say [Ver 3]

Alright to be able to see my poem as I intend it to be seen you will need to go to this web address:

right here

Sorry for the inconvenience but I couldn't post it up here as a picture since it wouldn't fit properly and about half my poem got cut off. Just zoom in on the picture and you should be able to read it. If you can't then that's too bad and you will have to go read some other person's poetry and comment them instead.

Thanks everyone!


Alisha said...

I really like how you turned the title around from the original one, very cool. But overall, wow. I'm amazed. I love the different kind of visual emphasis you have on so many words and lines. Also, the random yet fitting different languages. Anyway, towards the ending I absolutely love your verbs. It's not even just the fact of their importance and stuff like that, it's also obviously the visual. If you had this typed in a more standard form, I'm not so sure they'd seem as significant even if you bolded and capitalized them. I just can't seem to grasp the word I want to use to describe it, sorry. Incredible job.

peacelove64 said...

My comment is pretty much: Speechless. I love it .. the feeling of your poem was real enough for the reader to feel, basically that was pure talent. Great job.

sarah said...

Wow that was once crazy poem.. good crazy but crazy. There were contradicting emotions everywhere.. it was almost like one big oxy-moron but yet it still made sense. the visuals were pretty awesome and definitely complemented the message...or what I thought was the message. I also like how the first part in neat and organized then in the last part it was was jumbled and overlapping and such, it really brought out a change in tone. Super job Cooper!

Rebecca said...

that was really good. very creative and different. i loved it.