Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you're high and texting me now
words pulled taught over limited characters
straining to say what we want
words pulsing
how sexually intense we can get
the things we do to each other at times when no one's looking
but you're mapping out your love letters now
research and structure
research and structure
and i am masturbating with no climax now
first hard then soft
first hard then soft
someone told me a dream about an elevator
is me trying to escape from you
that you are the towering buildings
all hard edges and glass
that you are the looming skyscraper
tearing a seam in a bruised orange and black sky
and i am inside of you
and i'm lost
and i am inside of you
and i'm lost
tracing my steps up through back staircases
and long darkened halls
my fingers reach out dumbly to get a baring on your walls
where is your exit?
where is my exit?
why does your soft steel bend and restrain me?
why do you bind my soft wrists down to your walls?
and when you fall asleep when i say that i love you
i realize i'm drying cement after all

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