Wednesday, February 3, 2010

its really weird to see you do whatever it is you think you do
you take photographs of yourself and edit them in ways that
highlight really weird truths. like what you hear in pop songs
and you are really attractive in all these incredibly superficial ways
so every guy you know just lusts after you in awful ugly ways
but i think you are honestly trying to bring some sort of enlightenment
to your life and to the lives around you
but it wont ever quite work out that way because you are far too tan
and your tits are too big and your eyes are too big
and no one will really be able to look at your art
maybe you don't want that though and you just want their eyes on you
but its very depressing all the same
and sometimes im thankful to be ugly
because maybe i can be an artist


Megan Sharp said...

I just think this is lovely.. the last lines are so gorgeous in their truth and are powerful enough to make me almost want to be unattractive always. You should be an advocate for girls self esteem (and boyss i guess no gender stereotypes here even though I love gender stereotypes) hah join the dove campaign for real beauty!

it also brings me back to a question I ponder sometimes: which is more important, being beauty or creating beauty?

快樂出發 said...

"because maybe i can be an artist
" are!

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