Thursday, February 25, 2010

i was going to write about how perverse it is
to have all your sexuality channeled
through a cell phone in 140 character limits
and to have something so foreign
play host to what you find most intimate
to things you should out loud when you're alone
or on pen to paper
or from mouth to mouth
not with dull fingers
not with calloused tips
but with a dexterous tongue
catching and rebounding off hard white teeth
that grip and pull of fleshy lips

i was going to write about how my language has been strangled
beaten back down into brief little thoughts
afraid to venture outside of a sensible sentence
and how envious i am of megan
her words spilling out and bursting seams
flowing over edges with abandon
they are wild wild sentences
they are stallions on open plains
it would be wrong to capture them
to break and tame them

i was going to write about how surreal it feels
to know that they will read this

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