Friday, February 12, 2010

lost outside your window
a milky film is resting over everything tonight
the fog lays low and swallows distant trees
and the dripping moon light
all the streetlights are washed out
their colors flooding the air
orange blends with a purple sky
the air looked so bruised
when you spark the lighter
and i catch my face in the mirror
snap back to you
thick glass is all our lips touch now
all our tongues secretly touch
we get lost in avey and noah
i don't know any of the words but you do now
you never used to buy albums
but at least you don't carry cigarettes with you anymore
and your face is freckling
i wonder what bruises your jeans are hiding
your body is everything unreal to me
religious symbols and holy holy artifacts
a dripping painting of a mother
another spark and i'm back
we're at your place
and i'm heading home again

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