Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i feel minneapolis watch me
when i pull off the highway onto your street
my honda civic idling in front of your apartment
fingers idling with a box of condoms
i try to hold my breath between the car
and the front door
i guess i am ashamed of my breath
a weird premonition
something about it shouts sex and death
its so unreal to joke about suicide with you
why are you still here
and am i in your latest creation
what makes an artist
can i bite on your lip rings
when did we start watching this
what are we drinking
do you like to be here with me?
hard orange lights push in through windows
slipping between tiny cracks in the blinds
penetrating deep into our privacy
what do you taste like
how do you make it through a day
will you ever let me...
can i bite on your lip rings
let me stay in your bed
i can feel minneapolis gazing down at me
a snowstorms clouds hanging low
add a depth to the city that makes everything
frighteningly real

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