Saturday, March 7, 2009

For Whitney 2 [ver 1]

a strange sun drenched beach
summer's heat is pounding

shore holds the flame to
rch gold and red
your savage feet
your pagan feet
pushing you back into the wildnerness
salivating salvation

the sea beck ons
washing over your feet
it is your savior and your christ
you are its savior and its christ
a holy trinity
eyes of salt
tongue of salt
lungs of salt

shivers shoot up your notched spine
cool waves rush against your
calves in salt
thighs in salt
waist in salt
penetrating fluid fingers engulf
you in the gulf
you are the gulf

feeling flesh on the sole
fearful knowledge of the soul
a sharp sting of serrated shell
sole finder
soul finder
fingers penetrate the fluid gulf
sift the slow struck sand

ribbed and regal you surface it
pour the grains and the salt from its porous
glimmer and smooth
poor us who don't find such treasures
hidden pleasures
wear it regally resting over your ribs
pour the grains and the salt from
your chest

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