Friday, March 13, 2009

Dream Journal 9

i am sneaking around in a garage with a girl, i can't remember who. i think i dream this twice or i experience deja vu because i felt as if i had been there before. in the garage i see a few cars and they are both white with purble and black stripes and being cut up. apparently they are going to be molded together to make one super car for some mob boss.

i guess that makes me a private detective.

as we are sneaking a car pulls up and it is filled with the mob boss' cronies and they get out and walk into the garage. the woman and i hide behind one of the cars and must be absolutely silent, not even taking the chance of breathing.

the first time i dream this we stay silent. the second time she moves the sleeve on her wind breaker and it alerts the cronies. i realize now that the woman was bjork. when the guys come for us i fight them, punching stomachs and kneeing faces.

in the second time i dream this i found a motorcycle in the garage that looks more like a bicycle. i hop on it to get away from the scene and bjork hops on the back with me. as we start to drive away i notice, or a third person narrator tells me, that we are not going very fast at all. i think we are only able to go like 30 miles per hour. the narrator tells me that the motorcycle is powered by poetry and that to go faster i must bend over the side and write stuff down on the road as we drive.

i do this and we start to go much much faster. eventually all i am able to write is a long line of black ink. down the road we come to a quick turn and i lose control of the bike and it slides out from under us. we end up in a big field that looks like the park near my house but i guess more desolate and removed from society since we are in danger of starving. somewhere around here the motorcycle turned into a llama-like animal instead so it is also in danger of starving.

later in another dream i am hitting a golf ball out of a bucket of rocks while standing on something that is rocking back and forth. a swingset or something but a large one. probably like the swings you have on porches.

i am trying to chip onto the green and my mom, dad, brother, and grandpa are all watching me. my practice swings all look really good but when i go to actually hit it i use too much power since i'm nervous and hit the ball over the green and into a snowbank.

to practice i am suddenly back in my neighborhood and hitting golf balls up a neighboors driveway pretending thats where the hole on the green would be. i have a device set up so i am hitting one golf ball after another and i think i am standing on a ladder. my brother is hanging out on a house off to the right and he is rolling around on the roof. both my parents yell at him to get down from there, my grandfather is no longer with us.

after i hit all the balls i go to collect with my dad and notice that a lot of other golf balls that arent ours got mixed in with the ones i was hitting. we were hitting titleist so that's the only one we tryand look for. after we find them my mom says we have a ton of gifts which are suddenly there and we need to carry home down the block. my dad says he will just get the car to pick them up and my mom says whens the last time we walked anywhere.

in another dream i have applied to and got accepted into Perpich. my first day we are going on a field trip but i forget where. i meet shannon and all the other lit kids in the lobby of some building with glass windows. it is raining outside so there is a very thematic image of water running down the windows in those slow waves. everything has a bluish tint to it and shannon asks me to introduce myself to all the lit kids. whitney isn't there and i feel somewhat vulnerable.

as i start to say my name and some of my favorite authors or poems some boy from across the room is talking over me and i get flustered and say "oh well nevermind i guess" thinking that shannon will tell the boy to be quiet so i can finish. this is not the case and everyone just sort of stops listening and talks amongst themself. i keep waiting for whitney to show up but she never does.

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