Monday, March 9, 2009

Dream Journal 8

i'm swimming in an ocean of music reviews. albums that are rated really well are mounds of sand that stick up out of the water and i am swimming around them or climbing them and appreciating them. One album was my Swan Lake but it's one they haven't made one yet, the other is by Sunset Rubdown and it's one of their older ones.

Suddenly the ocean becomes my backyard and a campground. Other tenants are sleeping or pretending to sleep as a huge truck roars into the site. out steps a "hard" guy with a leather jacket and stuff and his babe of a girl friend who is a knockout in those old timey movies. As she is undressing (to go to sleep or to just tease other guys) the boyfriend marches around making sure no one is peeking at her. As he is doing this I pretend to be asleep and lay face down on the cold grass, a guy behind me is watching through binoculars and is dirty talking to her under his breath. I envision a fat greasy man in a white tank and a bald head but I never look.

The boyfriend walks towards me and I get nervous so I switch positions to get away from him but end up nearer to the girl. I still don't look and after the boyfriend fights some other random guy they leave together.

The backyard is now the inside of an apartment that Jackson and I live in. I am going to the bathroom and as I am peeing the boyfriend shows up and starts smacking on the door asking me to "Cut the bullshit" and to "Get out there to talk" but I have the door locked. I tell him to let me finishing peeing and when I get outside he is gone. Three asian girls are there instead talking to some asian boy who lives next door, he runs off saying he has diarrhea and the three of them turn to me. They have me sit on a couch and they sit facing me, their knees pressing down on my thighs and crotch and they tell me to say hello to them, so I do and feel like I am in a porn video. I don't like it and I suspect they are prostitutes working for the leather jacketed boyfriend. They introduce themselves so that I can say their name when I greet them.

One looks like an asian Amy Winehouse and says her name is Psyzombni but I have a hard time hearing her and remembering it, so I really don't ever say it out loud. The other one is shorter and more curvy and says her name is Ita as she bends at the waist looking at me, exposing her cleavage. I have a tough time not looking at it. I ask her if Ita is a nickname or short for something like "Titanium" and she says that it is a nickname but it is short for "Genitals" and I tell her that's a strange name. As we are talking I seem to have a lot more chemistry in Ita and the other girl seems discouraged.

The conversation I guess is boring them and they either have low attention spans or are just not interested in me so they decide to turn on Call of Duty but it's a television channel or show, not the game. Also on the television is a show where there is a static camera pointed at the facade of a house in the suburbs that is on 24 hours a day. I laugh and say we should watch that. I can't tell if I am seriously interested or mocking.

Jackson walks up to us now and puts his leg on the arm of the couch in a sort of manly pose. I ask him what he's doing but I can't understand him, or he's just making little sounds like "Ahhhhh yahhhh mmhmm" as the third asian girl walks up to him and he mock grabs her breasts. They leave to go somewhere else but I don't think it's sex.

At this point I get up and go do something else. I forget what, and when I come back the girls are playing a video game on a computer.

I wake up.

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