Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dream Journal 7

i was at dan's house and we were playing old school video games. it seemed as if he had recently converted to christianity or something. he had that really nice sweater vest feel to him of superb hospitality. he offered me a beer but i said no thanks which made him very happy. i will remember more of this later probably.

i had a pet grizzly bear and polar bear. the polar bear was out on the ice where i cut a hole so he could scoop fish from out under there. the grizzly bear who was in the snow on the bank of the lake or river got jealous and stepped forward. he weighed a lot more so when he got out to the ice, he and the polar bear both fell though. it sucked them down like a vacuum and left a really strange ripple effect at the surface. i dove into the water to try and find and help them but i couldnt see very far and am not a good swimmer. eventually i see the grizzly swimming back up at me with pieces of white fur in its mouth. i race back to the hole and surface just before the grizzly does. the polar bear has died.

in a dream from a previous night i was a woman. i had applied for some job at a corporate place but the woman working there never returned any of my calls. i end up going to her office and demanding an answer, after she ignores me for a long while i start to slap her face repeatedly. eventually she says that it is not out of fear of me taking her job but out of attraction for me. we start to kiss passionately as i push her up against the wall and she wraps her leg around my waist. i am now myself at this point, that is i am a guy now. i never get aroused while kissing her and never want to take it further. eventually some coworkers start to show up so i have to get beneath a blanket. i guess we were suddenly both naked. she runs into another room to get clothes on.

as the coworkers come in i am sitting down beneath a blanket. some guy with glasses and one of those idiot faces comes up to me and starts to pull it off for some reason. i tell him if he keeps doing that i will break his face in. he laughs so i rip the glasses off his face and throw them to the side and give him a hard stare. he stops pulling at the blanket.

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