Sunday, April 27, 2008

Through The Eyes of Birds [V4]

Here is the link to the painting.

light sweeps across the hills
in a soft glow of slow burn heat
nature in full swing with
ember reds
powdered ash whites
golden flametip edges
warm coal black

there is perfect stillness

bare branches and brackish water
caught in symbiotic static and stasis

the clouds billow up from the deep cavern
wandering into the warm wet air
stoutly surging into the sky
against the gentle suppression of empty ether

silent bedrock moves at glacial pace
gargantuan and ominous
greater than gods
dissipating into distance

the birds are the observers
withdrawn and watchful
of the meaningless motion of Man
amid the frenzied flourishings of fauna

He Stands at Right Angles with the world,
with Hardened Flat pine Walls.
Calculated, Cold, and Consuming.

then a quiet flicker of flesh and feathers
and the Clouds suddenly feel different


Geoff said...

I noticed the removal of all the punctuation and capital letters except for in the stanza describing man. It does make that section stand out more from the rest of the piece.

Alisha said...

Apparently Geoff knew exactly what I was going to say.

The alliteration you put in most of the lines are great.

For some reason, I really like these two lines:
"gargantuan and ominous
greater than gods"
Just because of the fact that it basically makes you feel significantly smaller than you are.

Great job. :)