Monday, April 21, 2008

Narrative Piece [V. 1]

Here are some vague ideas of what my narrative piece will be. Here is a link to the painting it is about.

light sweeps across the hills
nature in full swing
firewood red
ash white
golden flame edge
warm coal black
and there is perfect stillness
bare branches and brackish water
caught in symbiotic stasis and static

clouds billow up from the mountainous cavern
pushing into the sky, unafraid
into cool wet air
the gentle suppression of empty ether
like air within museum walls

the birds are the observers
watchful and silent
then a quiet flicker of flesh and feathers

silent bedrock moves slower than time
large and ominous, greater than Gods
blending into distance

amid the flourish stands man
at right angles with the world
and the clouds suddenly feel different

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