Monday, April 14, 2008

A few ideas of poems to work further on

so here are so possible poems i would want to work on, so leave a comment of what interests you most and i'll probably work on it, thanks

the sum of man
laid out at your fingertips
within the hollowed bones of nature

her skeleton becomes our canvas
to document our intelligence
our struggle
our bloodlines
and our hopes to escape the grasp of Her bony fingers

The Court must insist
(Here the prisoner sat down)
The following day, January 27, was a Sunday
Organic farmers need to plow
to bury and kill weeds

This makes people feel that the
alcohol industry is helping their community
light chest, streaked belly
the plan was working!

but the excruciating pain of hypothermia
wore at Malar
and before long a pull of gloom and hopelessness
had returned
Different messages might be carried away
but they plainly were rejecting the ethic of
acquisitive individualism

I was a professional soldier

as I walked down the fresh pavement
of my de facto fenced neighborhood
streaks began to fill the sky, the air
and the cracks between my steps

I saw an act of nature
between a young bird and its fate
lying sideways, broken and filthy and perfect
streaks running across its body

I ran home through puddles and pavement
and closed my eyes in the shower
I felt tiny streaks of water
run from my back down over my stomach

I drove to your house where we
once shared something beautifully bare
and you ran your hands across my body
and left streaks across my stomach

I earnestly desire something spiritual
I want God to talk to me while I sleep
I want to find my inspiration like the old Romantics did
to be moved by something larger than my bones

I need my own vision quest
my own Anne Frank
my own Mt. Eerie
my own Vietnam
my own Plague
my own fear of death

Oppenheimer apprehensions as I realize
that I too, write in a notebook


Geoff said...

In the first one. "her bony fingers" something here seems odd... The word bony somehow doesn't fit. In response to the rest; They are all very tasty to the widening maw that is my mind.

Deidre said...

i love number three

it intrigues me so, although i could not tell you why. you should most positively work on that one. Of course, it is pretty amazing as it is, so maybe you should work on your last one. Either way, I think i shall print out number three to put on my wall (I hope that didn't sound creepy, and more admiring-like)

Anonymous said...

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