Sunday, September 16, 2007

gutters throw water into the street
like a drunk whos had too much
or a poet caught up in speech

when the downpour hits vulnerable places
allowing shivers to take over outward glances
before apparent eyes melting can make an appereance
you set the benchmark i see as an entrance
of thoughts consumed by consumer goods
of breads and lovers
it was so hard to find sleep
with both our hearts out of the covers
and no one noticed the rising of the sun
with her mind so distant in far off places
he said he would never love the same again
but it was hard to find solid basis

but it wasnt as soft as her skin is
and it wasnt as sad as charles is
and he wanted to see her standing in the door
as he crept out of a deep deep slumber
he would say
I'll circle poetic phrases if you speak to me in foreign languages
and she would say
pour toujours


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Uh, this doesn't have anything to do with Jack Johnson, unless I'm missing something?