Sunday, January 24, 2010


you fall asleep on your floor
and i am lying on the couch where every major
sexual experience of my life has taken place
and i wonder if thats what you think of when
we go to the basement to watch television shows
not that everything we are has to be sexual
because right now i dont want you i just want to talk
about every little problem in our lives
and make ironic racist jokes and talk about Cunt
and laugh about your family and all the customers we deal with
and all the songs we listen to and why we love them
and i'll get jealous of how much you love yoni
and feel a little like you've stolen something precious to me
but i won't say anything because who else could i talk to
so i would just smile and laugh and feel self conscious about my eyes
but you are asleep on the floor
so i grab my keys and phone and leave
your cat is at the door
i wonder if you think anything different of me because she likes me
i really hope so but maybe thats artificial
so i head home
the roads are wet and gleaming
and minneapolis is drowned in fog
and when i get home all i can do is text sydney
and play around with the words of how terrified with her i am
and my other friends want to go to uptown
and sydney is the only one i could make a joke with about that
that really disguises how upset i can be with everyone
and whitney is the only one i can tell about that
and rich is the only one i can tell about that
and he is with cassie for every weekend now
and i work all week
i wish my grandfather were here

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