Tuesday, January 12, 2010

how to handle anxiety during minnesota winters

on the salt stained highway
hard crusted snow slips off the backs of semis
a violent splash and spin
little crystals splatter in the wind
let it bring a little smile to your cracked lips
see every driver rest heavy on the brakes
cautious for the ice
cautious for the light
is fading faster than a week ago
and fading faster than a century ago
turn up the radio
let the noise carry you home
white rhythms on the road hypnotize
your fingers lose their warmth on the wheel now
no longer finding her thigh
or the firm muscle on the back of her neck
miss your exit
drive to somewhere foreign in the dark
and nervously flick on your lights
be blinded by the semis around you
and the fog that clings to the inside of your windshield
a memory's warm vapor haunts your backseat
until you can't even see anymore
turn around when you find an entrance
the gas is waning
watch your headlights lose their power as you enter the city again
drowned out by the powerful streetlamps
that glow heavy and large in your dirty windshield
dried salt kicked up from the highways rivulets
pull on to the one way frontage road that never gets plowed
feel the tires slide into grooves left by larger vehicles
lose control on the ice on the turn
into a quiet apartment
where you go to sleep alone
and the trains ramble by every hour
sending vibrations into your dreams

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