Wednesday, December 9, 2009

obs tangent

there are a pair of women's high heels underneath my bed
that i have no intention of returning to the owner
and on more than one occasion i have had the
uncontrollable urge to smell them

the worst part of living in the city is that
at no point in the day can i look out my window or go for a walk
into a field of tall grass and watch them bend
arcing painfully gracefully back and forth

and the snow will not leave us alone
it even finds ways into our cars and somehow into our socks
and sometimes i think we should make a snowball and bring it indoors
and keep it in [social commentary] until summer

sometimes i think there are poetic things about
the tiny little bumps on the ceilings of apartments
as if the sordid little lives of the occupants are giving the building goosebumps
this building is ironic or easily entertained

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