Friday, June 6, 2008

Observations of a Storm [V2]

calignous clouds billow up from the ocean
expanding to fill the sky
like steam surging from an ethereal train
the air hisses and strains with movement

a vast shadow covers the town and the forest
warmth dissipates from the atmosphere
and the fauna tightens in anxiety
apprehensive silence falls over man and animal
the little singing birds retreat into thick winding branches

the boughs shiver
vacillating in long waving motions
their leaves glint rapidly in wind
the anxiety builds as nature waits for the rain

with a muted distant rumble that crescendos
with spine-tingling celerity
the rain comes hard with the sound of
a million angry cicadas

a great wind picks up and pushes the storm eastward
the tension in the air dissipates with a sigh
as cracks appear in the lowery grey
with gold streams pouring through like a holy cataract

the light spreads out in all directions
illuminating a world that is
wet and waxed
soft glows come off leaves and grass
shingles and telephone wires
steam rises patiently off the glossy pavement
and a little bird takes a tentative step
out into the gleam of day

the little bird pauses for a moment
the sun warming his small brown body
then a flicker of feathers as he takes flight

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