Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Almost [V2]

fingers drift across your tanned skin
like the slow smooth decent of the sun
behind the gentle curve of the west
as you try vainly to memorize
the last warm rays dissipate
before leaving you desolate

arms around your waist
like earths eternal pull on the lustrous moon
invisibly powerful and evocative
of a stellar waltz in a vacant ball room
but each slowly slipping away
losing grip with each graceful turn

eyes in mine
the soft burn of a million clustered stars
that reveal themselves to the romantics
when they leave the modern city
but all those brilliant beacons
have already died yeas ago

nearly kissing you
like almost remembering a dream
of unreal beauty and color
before it is swallowed by the vacuum of
the back of your mind

opening my eyes to the painful
brightness of a another new-day sun
still low in the sky
waiting on what no one knows
I lower my head and move east
leaving warmth behind me

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