Monday, August 24, 2009

new poem [ver 1]

you sent me baren to the west coast
where i hid under the shadow
of the looming mountain's stare
ominous and stoic in the distance
in my mind i felt your there

i spent the year stealing some shelter
underneath the mighty pines
so high so high and so surrounding
so like a mother's flowing gown
and still so rooted in the ground

you called me back across badlands
back into this machine town
filling with oil rust and sound
of squeeling brakes and unhinged voices
and cigarettes and radio wires
and smashing bottles and running showers
and thick paint brushes and midnight walks
and softer moans and louders screams
and yoni's voice and cracking lips
all buried deep beneath the snow

and i find myself in an asian painting
in a quiet room in the mia
i am the singer su hsiao-hsiao
and i am no longer grieving for autumn
and i am plumbing the truth of my heart

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