Monday, April 20, 2009

Dream Journal 10

this was one of those dreams you have when you're sick. everything is warm and hot and jumps around really fast.

i am in the audience for a performance of something chirstmas oriented. i think it is supposed to be like the rockettes or something doing a dance like in catcher in the rye. my mom has paid a lot of money for me to be there and i can sit in the front seats if i want but i am alone and i stay away from the crowds that form there. and this point the dream goes back and forth between being at this concert and being in the dug out of a baseball game. it seems like a natural occurence so my dream self doesn't mind. the baseball game i am in the dug out of a team that doesn't exist and i am sitting next to players that i like. i think i am running the books on them, like tracking stats. back in the concert part of the dream i keep going to get snacks at the front desk and when i come back to my seat others have taken it so i keep getting pushed further back and to the sides.

at the end of the show my mother and brother show up at the theater. my mom comments on how expensive it was for that kind of a show. she isn't mad at me about seeing it because i didn't want to see it, i guess it was a thing i was required to see. at this point i look in the lobby of the theatre and notice there is a giant portal that is turning from red to blue. i guess if i get it all the way blue it will close and that is a good thing. it turns further blue by shooting it so i ask my brother to help me with this since it takes a long time to get blue and it's almost there. unfortunately just as i say that it quickly goes back to red so i say forget it.

now i am playing halo on a level that doesn't exist. i am playing with some of the professional gamers who i like and i am on their team even though i am obviously not very good. the map is multi-teared and each "wall" is actually a floor you can jump onto and gravity shifts. we practice on this map a little.

it is 4/20 and around 3:33 pm and i am walking around town with a cell phone upset because I missed an opportunity to call rich at 4:20 his time to make a joke about smoking pot. I decide I will call him back when it is 4:20 my time and it will still be just as funny.

I walk around town trying to find a dairy queen to get some ice cream. It is summer and i am very hot and dehydrated. I am walking through town and everyone else is high and getting snack food from pizza places and mcdonalds. i keep getting lost and walking too far along highway 169 and can't find the dairy queen or my house. a black kid walks in front of me when i pass the mcdonalds and he gives me a stare like he is looking for his friends who should be right behind him but they arent. i try to walk past him but we are all moving very slow in the heat. like the sidewalk is an airport walkway going in the opposite direction.

i wake up in a house that is completely darkened with a start. i am sweaty and confused about where i am. i check the time and it is 4:33 and i missed another chance at calling rich. it has been exactly an hour since i felt this way.

i am in a house that is like the halo map only it is a regular apartment. kids are sitting around talking and they are like the kids from south park. they are talking about something involving a silver speck of dust that leaves a tail behind it when it leaves and it is super elastic and springy. they watch it for a while as it bounces all over the room and gets flicked off of their swatting hands and pillows and rugs. a bunch of them go to leave. their little baby brother walks into a next door room. the speck of dust hits him and he grows gigantic. he grows into the room on the 3rd floor where his brother is. his brother finds a gun and shoots him in the eye to make him small again.

the brother is shooting the video game character from the halo level. he gets bonus points for shooting into that room on the 3rd floor since it is murky and hard to see.

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