Monday, August 11, 2008

Res ideas

leaving the oily black smell of the city
windows down on the long straight road to the res

the smell of wet moss rocks
as you cross the bridge

smell of orange wet earth

quiver of the car as you light up
another cigarette or drink of coke

tail lights slow ascension up a
distant hill

cold air rushing around us as
the warmth of the room leaves us
shivers up my arms and spine
leaves goosebumps

then a warm breath comes off
the pines with the smell of timber

lighter grey sky and silhouette black
pines with the glow of a faraway
city on the horizon

it was night on the way back
it was cold
we rolled up the windows

so many cars had their lights on
and so many didnt


night lightning storms
several strikes per second
lighting up the sky and making day

each flash reveals the immensity
of the clouds ahead of us
separated and independent giants

the power gets knocked out of
the city and our headlights
were all that remained on the
road to the res

wind thrashed at our sides and
pushed us onto the yellow lines as
thunder shook our windows
inside the hot breath of the
engine across my face and chest
closed my eyes

im protected
and back in the womb
when i woke you had fresh cigarettes
and i was reborn


the long narrow road to the res
impossibly narrow and straight
a streak of pavement through pines

wind blowing through our loose clothes
creating ripples in fabric

rusted out cars for sale on the
side of the road

a small wither creek

an abandoned run down gas station

looming pines creating a wall or
a shephard

a lonely trampoline in a field

a forgotten fire hydrant

a purposeless stop light

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