Thursday, May 1, 2008

Desires from Modern Suburbia [Matrix v3]

I earnestly desire to be affected spiritually
to have God whisper gentle words to me while I sleep
and fill my lungs with zealous fever

Or to find a sense of inner balance in the I Ching
and to know that every speck of dust, blade of grass, and human being
has its place

Or struggle to grasp the infinity that is a day and night of Brahma
and be humbled by the immensity of the gods
as we wait for the violent dance of Vishnu and Shiva to end

I want to find my inspiration like the old Romantics did
finding divinity in the petals of a white oleander
and purpose in the sweeping surges of mountain rock
or to see a reflection of myself
in the mighty roots of an ancient redwood digging deep into earth

I long to be galvanized by something larger than my existence
to find a beautiful truth in the ugliest of places
in a vast and terrible war or on a sun drenched beach in Algeria
or at a dirty carousel in an early morning downpour

I need my own vision quest
my own Anne Frank
my own Mt. Eerie
my own Vietnam
my own Plague
my own Walden Pond

but all I have is this life of
suburban comfort
and television warmth
surrounded by godless cement

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